Cauliflower Alfredo

Light and delicious. Definitely gives traditional alfredo sauce a run for its money, and so much healthier. I used this recipe for the sauce with organic cauliflower (blending in the Vitamix after cooking), subbed dill for rosemary since that’s what we had, and skipped the cheese (only sprinkled a bit on top). Served with whole wheat linguine and sautéed organic spinach.


Tortilla Soup and Salad

Soup made with all fresh veggies blended up tastes so much fresher than canned soup – there is really no comparison! Here is the recipe for tortilla soup, straight out of the Vitamix whole foods recipe book. This online version calls for boiling water but the book just calls for regular water. Depends how hot you want it to be or if you’d rather keep it raw. The salad is kale, clover sprouts, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflower seeds.

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