Carnitas Tostadas

Day 1 of carnitas leftovers from our Super Bowl gathering. James whipped this up for dinner while I worked on schoolwork. No, I don’t take him for granted. 😉


Super Bowl Snacks

My first time trying Kimberly Snyder’s zucchini hummus recipe, served with crudités, and it was a huge hit, even at a Super Bowl party with chicken wings and other meaty treats available! My guests were wowed by the Vitamix demonstration (since I procrastinated making it, many of them were present as I made it). They commented on how light and refreshing the dip tasted.

James made carnitas in the slow cooker using organic pork from Whole Foods, based on this recipe from Alaska Cooks (minus the milk!). Guests assembled street-style tacos, and we used the leftover for the next two days for a carnitas enchilada casserole and carnitas tostadas.

Slow-Cooker Soy-Glazed Chicken With Stir-Fried Vegetables

Made in the slow cooker. We used this Real Simple recipe and organic, free-range meat.

Moroccan Lemon Chicken

Made in the crock pot



I made this using a recipe from a book I got on clearance at Marshall’s called Slow Cooker Comfort Food: 275 Soul-Satisfying Recipes. It uses boneless skinless thighs, which we get in bulk at Costco and keep in the freezer. -L

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