Cauliflower Alfredo

Light and delicious. Definitely gives traditional alfredo sauce a run for its money, and so much healthier. I used this recipe for the sauce with organic cauliflower (blending in the Vitamix after cooking), subbed dill for rosemary since that’s what we had, and skipped the cheese (only sprinkled a bit on top). Served with whole wheat linguine and sautéed organic spinach.


Spaghetti with Braised Kale

I’ve gone crazy for kale. Lately I base my daily lunch salad around it, with shredded carrots, greek olives, tomatoes, sprouts, and raw sunflower seeds. We decided to cook it for a change tonight by making a kale pasta using this Bon Appetit recipe. Really good.

Walnut Parsley Pesto Pasta

I’m pretty sure I just googled “walnut parsley pesto” for a general formula for this. I used the Vitamix blender and a lot less olive oil than I normally do for traditional basil/pine nut pesto, to rave reviews. I served with rotini with sautéed zucchini and crimini mushrooms.

Butternut squash lasagna

Recipe to come.

Balsamic Oregano Grilled Chicken with Walnut Parsley Pesto Pasta


Rigatoni with Roasted Sausage and Broccoli


We had a ton of broccoli to use up so James made this pasta dish based off this Real Simple recipe.

Pasta with Fiddlehead Ferns


Another idea inspired by our friend Kimberley who does the amazing blog The Year in Food!

After seeing the enticing post linked to above, James got the bug to cook up something with fiddlehead ferns. After a few days of him hinting at it, I finally stopped at Whole Foods on the way home from a long day at work one night and asked the produce guy if they had “fiddleberry ferns.”

That’s the kind of thing I do after a long day.

Fiddlehead ferns are weird, curly, somewhat asparagus-like, edible (only when cooked) fern shoots that are apparently in season right now. I have to say, not the most delicious thing I’ve ever had, but certainly not the worst by any means! It’s always fun to try something new. -L

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