Carnitas Enchilada Casserole

Day 2 of carnitas leftovers. “Just something James made up.” He’s offering no further details at this time, as he is currently engrossed in Moneyball. But it was really yummy, so maybe eventually he will reveal the recipe.


Carnitas Tostadas

Day 1 of carnitas leftovers from our Super Bowl gathering. James whipped this up for dinner while I worked on schoolwork. No, I don’t take him for granted. ūüėČ

Portobello Mushroom and Red Pepper Fajitas

Recipe from Diana Stobo’s excellent book Get Naked Fast!, which changed the way I eat and opened the door to a new world of eating for me. This recipe is a weekly staple now.

…and for dessert, another Diana Stobo recipe! This one from her Naked Bliss cookbook, which is all shakes made from coconut milk ice cream (hard to believe no dairy), and DAMN are they good!

Tofu Burrito

We try not to overdo it with the tofu, but James makes this about once a week lately cuz it’s just so darn easy and good.


Chilaquiles breakfast


Weekend / Coca Cola Carnitas


Double rainbow




Mexico is a mere half hour or so¬†south from us here in San Diego, yet James based¬†his carnitas on a¬†recipe he¬†found online from, of all places,¬†Alaska.¬†Isn’t it ironic. He wanted to use Coca Cola in the recipe, and this is what he found. Works for me! It came out heavenly.

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