Chicken with Capers in Mustard Sauce

I was running on the treadmill and watching an unnamed cooking show on which the host, your average bro cooking show host, made a whole-grain mustard sauce. That sauce looked great–and easy. So when I got home, I thought I’ve got these chicken thighs and this broccoli from the farmers market, and that would be great in a mustard (moutarde, if you prefer the French) reduction. I chopped a large shallot while heating a generous spillage of grapeseed oil in a skillet and introduced said shallot to said hot oil. Once that was infused, and the shallot well-softened (about two minutes), I introduced the chicken thighs, which had been previously salted lightly and peppered. I browned the chicken for about two minutes on each side, then poured a cup of chicken broth into the pan and reduced the heat to medium-ish. Then I added a great dollop of whole-grain dijon mustard, stirred it in, and let simmer for a while (I don’t measure, nor do I particularly keep track of time; I prefer to watch and participate in the process…it’s art, not molecular gastronomy*). While covered and simmering, I smashed an appropriate serving of capers with my knife-edge and lightly chopped them. So as to not make the dish overly salty–capers are quite briny–I waited until about 5 minutes before the chicken was done to introduce the capers. When done, serve on rice, or any starch, really with steamed broccoli, lightly drizzled with olive oil and pair with a lemon wedge. Voila. That’s dinner.




One thought on “Chicken with Capers in Mustard Sauce

  1. I can’t believe the great meals you two come up with. They look beautiful and delicious! Great job. Your cooking is definitely an art. Glad you are keeping this site, I really enjoy looking at it! Love ya

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