Recent Meals Retrospective

James made these dungeness crabcakes from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc At Home with crab his folks caught in Puget Sound. They were so big we really only needed one each, but they were so good we each had two. The carrots and peas were done together in a bit of sherry and broth I think, but we’re not sure. James just throws it all together on a whim.

James also made this shepherd’s pie on the day before St. Patrick’s day. I think we had plans on the actual day. It was traditional and it was fantastic. We couldn’t eat enough. James loves worcestershire sauce so I think he added extra…say that three times fast.

I asked Lorelei what one meal she wanted upon returning home from Film School’s North American tour: MEATLOAF! One of my favorite San Francisco restaurants, Blue Plate, serves the best meatloaf I know. I found their recipe and above is my trial run. It was amazing if I do say so myself. Lorelei was really happy when she got home too–but not just because of the meatloaf!


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