A Foray into Forbidden Rice

A few months ago while at Henry’s Market I bought a bag of Chinese black rice , a.k.a. “Forbidden Rice,” upon the enthusiastic advice of Dr. Oz on the Today Show (who touted its dramatic health benefits over other forms of rice and declared it to be the next big “it” food). Predictably, the exotic and slightly  intimidating-looking bag of freaky black rice sat in our cupboard unused for months, during which we repeatedly reached for jasmine, basmati or brown instead (brown, if I had any say in it!).

But tonight, I finally went for it, and it was totally delicious! Here’s what I came up with:

Asian Chicken and Forbidden Rice

Based on this recipe:


Changes: I used fish sauce in place of the oyster sauce since we didn’t have any, and used only 1 tablespoon instead of 2.

Also, we had sesame oil, but I forgot to use it and used canola instead. Oops!

We didn’t have green onion or bell pepper, so I used regular onion and carrots (which I julienned using the grater.)

Of course, I used the black rice instead of white.

I used the cashews only as a topping, despite them being intended as a major ingredient in this recipe. They really weren’t missed since the black rice is pretty nutty and substantial. I used the handy rubber mallet to pound them into finer grains inside of a baggie, and sprinkled them on top at the very end.


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