The Quinoa Recipe that will Convert Anyone

To those who are skeptical that quinoa or rice that isn’t white can be truly tasty, try this recipe from Bon Appetit: cumin-scented quinoa and black rice. It’s converted everyone who has tried it. 




Morning Green Smoothie

Just a little before and after action of one of many versions of my daily green smoothie in the Vitamix. It makes me happy.

Nute pate wrapped in fresh collard green

This recipe is from the divine Kimberly Snyder. Collard green are actually really good raw – not bitter like I thought they’d be! They’re mild. Eating this way feels amazing.

Just a veggie pasta

Zucchini, red pepper, mushrooms. Whole wheat pasta. Cheese optional.

Cauliflower Alfredo

Light and delicious. Definitely gives traditional alfredo sauce a run for its money, and so much healthier. I used this recipe for the sauce with organic cauliflower (blending in the Vitamix after cooking), subbed dill for rosemary since that’s what we had, and skipped the cheese (only sprinkled a bit on top). Served with whole wheat linguine and sautéed organic spinach.

Carnitas Enchilada Casserole

Day 2 of carnitas leftovers. “Just something James made up.” He’s offering no further details at this time, as he is currently engrossed in Moneyball. But it was really yummy, so maybe eventually he will reveal the recipe.

Carnitas Tostadas

Day 1 of carnitas leftovers from our Super Bowl gathering. James whipped this up for dinner while I worked on schoolwork. No, I don’t take him for granted. 😉

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